SMALL STORIES :: for (various sized) People



Tuesday eves. 6-8 (MST)

April 2, 9, 16, 23

May 7,14, 21, 28

(Makeup/free class April 30)

$148. for each four-week session

Single class: $40.

You’ll write ::

stories that fit in the palm of your hand
stories about a small detail in a life
tiny prose poems
alphabet stories
little essays
shy stories that hide (behind your mother’s legs)
poems with repeated words, sounds
stories that fold to fit in a crack of a stone wall

You’re invited to ::

develop your own daily writing ritual
discover authors you relate to.

The rhythm of each meeting ::

· pause and sit for a few minutes

· read a small story, essay or poem (leaning toward women authors)

· write and share your story

· a small discussion

· listen (as if listening for a water drop)

Each week you’ll be given a new writing prompt based on the reading chosen for the group.

You may send a two page piece a month to Katharine for written feedback mailed back to you through the slow mail.(walking, delivering, funny small vehicles. etc.)

This group emphasizes the practice and sharing of writing. we talk about forms, what we feel, hear, think, love.



An aside:

A few weeks ago, I understood that I could not write essays as I had been writing them. I could write short things, simple things; and then be done, and go dig something, walk, clean the sink. I thought this might be familiar— and I thought of you.



Send directly through your paypal account or write Katharine to reserve your spot.

$148 4 week session

I started the small stories class at the beginning of the pandemic. throughout the classes during the pandemic, personal and professional hardships arose, and even through the terrible shooting in Boulder that just happened, the class has been a container to share. I’ve felt safe to write and read deeply personal material, rants about the world, humor…. and all the other writers in the class have inspired me, blown my mind and made we want to try and imitate their style sometimes! Amazingly beautiful work. I never felt like I needed to pretend that something wasn’t happening internally or externally. It’s not only a safe space, it’s a brave space and I’m grateful for Katharine and her stewardship.

Nancy E. Smith

Founder & Artistic Director, Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance