Yoga Offerings

Yoga Classes, Private Sessions, Meditation

Practicing Yoga and Meditation helps diminish pain and stress, offering both an intimate experience and bigger perspective by increasing awareness, connecting body and mind.  Feel free, healthy, whole and good. Open levels.

Online Yoga Begins March 26

In lieu of in-person Yoga classes I’m offering four Yoga classes a week and a meditation practice, live, through the atmosphere!  We’ll begin March 26 using ZOOM. Tell me you can make it at least 30 minutes before we begin so I can send you a link.

$10 each class. Sign up for as many as you’d like.

Tuesday mornings :: 8:30-9:30

Thursday mornings :: 8:30-9:30

Thursday eves (includes restorative postures) :: 5:30-6:30

Sunday mornings :: 9:30-10:30

Small House Zen. Wed eves (sit, walk, lie down, talk and discussion) :: 6-7



1. Send me an email and I’ll send you a class ID number:

2. Contribute through the paypal button below (One class or more):

2. Grab your mat, blocks (or use books), a blanket or towel.

3. Find a spot that suits you, the size of your mat, free from (major) interruptions and obstacles.

4. Log on 5-10 minutes before class begins with the class ID.

5. Position your phone or laptop so your body can be seen.

7. Have a seat.

8. Exhale.

 Most of the classes below have switched to online beginning March 26

Yoga at Izaak Walton Clubhouse, Longmont


 Sunday Morning Yoga, 9:30-10:45.

New or returning to yoga? Feel at ease through an alignment based, foundational / flow practice designed for most every body. Honing awareness, cultivate breath, balance, strength, flexibility, and a deep rest, coming to a greater understanding of your own well-being.

Gentle Flow & Restore Yoga, Thursday eves. 5:15-6:30.

Shake off the day’s stress and stiffness! Gentle alignment based flowing sequences are paired with quiet restorative positions designed to balance strength & suppleness. You may experience reduced pain, deeper sleep, and a sense of well-being and insight.

Well Being Yoga.

This Friday morning class offers a well-rounded lyrical practice of Yoga. We’ll call on movement influenced by hatha, gentle flow, yin and restorative for a practice that addresses the body as a whole. Turning inward we’ll generally begin on the floor, releasing superficial tension by sensing and lengthening. We’ll make our way up to standing poses, play with balance, and grounded sequences that develop heart, strength and resilience from the inside. This class is also influenced by Feldenkrais, dance, meditation, and mind/body wisdom. It may include pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.


Sign-up for Izaak Walton Classes

Morning Yoga

Mead, CO.

Tuesday and Thursdays 8:30 am- 9:30 am.

 Mead Town Hall

New, continuing or returning to yoga? Feel at ease in this quiet morning practice. Coax stiffness away, lessen pain, and encourage gentle strength. Through the pairing of still positions and slow flowing Yoga sequences explore your unique alignment, breath rhythm and intuition. Honing awareness, cultivate suppleness, balance, and deep rest, coming to a greater understanding of your own well-being.

Morning (8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.)

*We need 8 participants/session to hold the class.  If we reach the 8 participants, drop in’s are welcome at $8.00/class.  For more information go to

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To register online click here


Private Yoga Sessions: Your choice


Katharine will design a little practice for you that is delightful, deep and sustainable:
3 positions.     60 dollars.    one hour.
A more involved private session designed for you.
Your session may address:
Sleep, becoming unstuck, breath and flow, energy, balance, recovery, relaxation, deepening practice, lengthening, strength, life changes, challenges, preparing for an event or class.
Call or email to arrange your session.
One hour and 15 minutes   –  75 dollars
One and a half hours  –   90 dollars
Private Yoga Sessions