Connect ~ with Katharine Kaufman

Yoga | Sitting | Poetry | Performance | Choreography

 Whether writing a poem, practicing Yoga or sitting in meditation, connect with your Way


deeply current

occasionally amusing


feel free

whole and


Working with Katharine was a wonderful experience. She is a special teacher because she teaches in great balance. She is disciplined and focused, yet, at the same time, she gives us freedom to grow. She is a profound listener. She shares her knowledge and wisdom with us in a way that's warm and welcoming. She guides us to find our own ways. I left the retreat with a clearer mind and useful tools and most importantly, the confidence that when things start to spin out of control, I can always come back to my practice. I would highly recommend you work with Katharine.

Chloé Zhao

Filmmaker, Nomadland, The Rider, Songs my Brothers Taught Me

I’ve been a student of Katharine’s since 2004. I continue to return Katharine’s classes because I walk away with my mind at peace, my heart bigger and filled with love and compassion, my breath feels deeper and my body feels stronger yet relaxed.  Along with her sense of humor, Katharine possesses a calm and caring presence. Her knowledge of yoga and the body coupled with her intuition creates a class that carries me through my week.

Judy Jones

Licensed massage therapist, Steward of creatures, great and small.