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“Poetry Interrupts the status quo”

                                                ~ Walter Benjamin

People Writing Poems :: This Body

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Monday Eves: 6-8

June 15-July 20, 2020

Free Class, Tuesday July 28

This summer’s six-week session’s theme is bodies, ours, and other. We’ll track somatic experience, sense what is seen (and un-seen). Prompts are about belonging and our mortality. We’ll write through the present moments of our days and nights. We’ll continue our focus on poems by African American authors.

Writing poems is a way to sort out your moving days. Writing allows you to access personal rhythms, images, your voice and be touched by the poem itself. In return, the poem influences your mornings, afternoons, nights.

In this writing group each week you’ll receive prompts and write. You’ll share last week’s writing (or current project). You’ll read poets who write in different forms, leaning toward women writers, poets of color, and poets who stir your heart. You’ll receive weekly individual written feedback and reading suggestions from Katharine.

This poetry writing workshop is a gentle way to celebrate and share writing.  The group can serve as sanctuary in these, our times.


~ read poetry (and be read to)

~ write poems as a practice

~ journey poems, list poems, small poems, place poems, found poems, haiku, hybrid, writing without looking. . .

~ weekly written editing & feedback about your poems

~ weekly poetry writing assignments

~ share your work

~ receive personal suggestions about poets and forms

~ see the worlds through a poet’s eye

~ bloom creativity

~ join friends in making stuff up




Send directly through your paypal account or write Katharine to reserve your spot.
See class suggested donations below.

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