No Secret to Poetry: Beginning Poetry for People


Two four-week sessions
Thursday eves. 6-7:30
August 6-27
September 3-24

Free class September 29

$80 for each four-week session


No Secret to Poetry: Beginning Poetry for Real People

                                                                        Poetry repairs the broken world

Do you like poems but they feel so distant? (What is a poem anyway?) Don’t get it? Do you write for work and need to break out of the box? Are you an artist but words don’t climb through? Feeling dull, anxious and need an outlet off the grid? Are you swallowing your voice? Do you long to see the world as a poet does? Do you see things distinctively—how to get this across? (Is your heart a small hard chestnut?). Do you wish to pull out some small stuck thing? Have you lost your funny bone?

Would you like to refresh your way of seeing, being?

 Each week you’ll read and discuss a new poem and poet, write your poem and receive a prompt. You’ll work on your poem during the week, type it up and share it the following week.

This beginning poetry writing workshop is a gentle way to celebrate and share writing. The group can serve as sanctuary in these, our times.

In each four- week class you’ll:

  • Read and discuss poems.
  • Discover poets.
  • Write list poems, haiku, prose poems, found poems…(poems that push off the dock).
  • Get tips & hints.
  • Share your poems.
  • Develop a writing practice.
  • Find new sensibilities.
  • Free your mind (feel something).
  • Join friends in making stuff up.


This is a beginning class. Take as many sessions as you like or hop on over to: People Writing Poems or Small Stories for (various sized) People online classes.

(this group emphasizes the practice of writing and doesn’t include feedback or critique)


No drop ins. No refunds.



Send directly through your paypal account or write Katharine to reserve your spot.
Payment below:

$80 beginning Poetry