People Writing Through Winter :: Your Voice

                                       ~  Poetry repairs the broken world


a new writing group


Focus and nurture your creative work this Winter.

February 4-25

Thursday eves, 6-7:30.

Six people limit. (We’ll begin together).

$120 for each four week session.


Find your writing voice.

Find a different kind of knowing each other, through your writing life.

Each week you’ll read, write and share work from the previous week’s prompt.

And you’ll:

  • be introduced to new authors, forms, poems, stories, essays and prose pieces.
  • receive writing prompts geared to you.
  • share what you’ve written.
  • listen to original work from the group members.
  • develop a writing practice.
  • join friends in making stuff up.


Light slants differently and the virus, and the struggles, and violence and our new learning. So— be gentle, don’t you think?

Begin with a word, then another, another. Go with the stream of it and then you’ve made something that is you and no one else. Pause. Write it again. Listen and read. And your writing grows, this way, influenced by what you hear from the class and your own sensibilities. Go to a place you saw someone suffer and put your poem there (a secret healing).

In other words, We can accept the world’s invitation to write as well as give it back(an exchange).


This morning’s writing practice:

thin film of ice on dog’s water this morning

is so quiet I can hear a mouse in the walls

now I hear a siren

so quiet I can hear the slight film of water

 over closed eyes

 and I say easy, go easy

 make it a day

 where your backstones soften.




                (The poem is a thing– with a small weight to it

                              like picking up something, a stone, a jewel  

                                                    and when you put it down the day is different).



this group emphasizes the practice of writing and doesn’t include feedback or critique.


No drop ins. No refunds.






Send directly through your paypal account or write Katharine to reserve your spot.
Payment below:

$120 People Writing Through...