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Summer Sanctuary Yoga & Meditation Retreat at Sandstone Ranch: I began Katharine Kaufman’s all day yoga and meditation retreat with a heavy heart and a very busy mind… Katharine’s yoga directives held me steady to stay in the depths of loss, to move through it slowly, witnessing, observing, silently allowing the sadness to do what it needed to do within my body. By the end of the retreat, I was literally astounded by the shift within me toward a space of peaceful balance in body and spirit. I learned that yoga and meditation are tools for fully witnessing sadness, grief, anger, joy, etc., when they arise. Katharine’s steady voice, her quick observations and gentle humor allow her students to reach new levels of contemplative yoga and meditation practice. I feel so grateful to have taken this day with Katharine Kaufman and look forward to future retreats with her. Highly recommended! Amelia María de la Luz Montes, PhD

Associate Professor English and Ethnic Studies Creative Writing and Women’s & Gender Studies , University of Nebraska-Lincoln



443193 – Fall Meditation & Yoga Sanctuary Retreat

at Sandstone Ranch in Longmont

on the full moon!

Spend an entire day practicing nourishing yoga, sitting, and walking meditation from the inside out at Longmont’s hidden jewel, Sandstone Ranch. This day-long retreat is designed to rejuvenate and restore balance and energy.

Bring your yoga mat, blanket, a meditation cushion if you have one, and lunch. (Chairs available).

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Activity Description Dates Times Days Fees Location
View Details 443193-11 Fall Yoga & Meditation Sanctuary Retreat 11/04/1711/04/17 9:30A 4:00P Sa $55/$68.75 SSR Visitor Center Available Add/Remove from Wishlist? Add to Cart



Counterpose: The Art of Yoga & Meditation

Shambhala Mountain Center

Katharine Kaufman

November 10–12, 2017

Tuition $190 + 2 nights

Hidden within every yoga posture is a secret—the counter-­pose. It protects, nurtures, and allows us to deepen our practice. In a yoga sequence, poses are balanced by companion postures, in the simplest form, their opposites. The job of a counter­pose is to create equanimity, and agreement in the body/mind.

In this autumn weekend retreat we will immerse ourselves in the playful exploration of the counter-­pose within the yoga and meditation practice, as well as practice aimless wandering and the four postures of meditation to help balance our active lives! Expect to emerge from the weekend with a rich understanding of the counter-pose through stillness and movement. By practicing this way we can then discover the relevance of the counter-­pose in all areas and postures of our lives.

What We’ll Explore:

  • Counter-poses in yoga & life
  • Body oriented sitting meditation practice
  • Walking meditation & aimless wandering
  • Insight into one’s own nature
  • Balance
  • Four postures of meditation
  • Listening deeply to the body/mind

Watch beyond the mindfulness intro video to see Katharine in an outdoor yoga dance film at the

Shambhala Mountain Center:

Waking without Words