Stillness and Movement

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Yoga with Katharine Kaufman

Moving from the inside-out, ancient and subtle practices of alignment , gaze and breath are applied to current movement knowledge, honoring the individual’s appropriate and particular paths and differences. Beginning each practice session by simply being , unfolding and closely observing the breath, we use gravity, gentle movement and mindful stillness to slowly dive through discursive holding patterns into a refreshed and wholesome sense of being. Moving with organic efficiency and using imagery as a guide, we curve, fold, release, float and weight ourselves into knowing our deep body. This way of practice can then support dynamic, rhythmic sequences or challenging foundational postures oriented toward stillness. The practice can nourish the varied work and play of our lives and circumstances, from the ordinary to the complex.

move according to the currents of the body

rest in the flow of awareness

open and steady base supports creative surprises

listen to the body a practice, not a performance deeply current

the breath carries you

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